About us

About us

Do you want to know more about Plantforlife? Then you’re at the right page! You can find more below.


At Plantforlife we share our passion for plants and gardening. We like to share useful tips. So that we can enthuse you too!


Are you just looking for inspiration? You're at the right place too! Houseplants go hand in hand with interior design.


Are you a plant lover just like we are? Then we would like to get in touch with you. Who knows, we might be able to do something for each other!

Our story

Plants have many advantages, although the care can be quite a hassle. Does the plant have enough light or not? And how do you take care of a garden? We had these questions ourselves! Several plants have already ended up in our containers. Unfortunately not everyone is born with green fingers! Althoug, this is not always due to the way we take care. In some cases you can’t help nature more than you already do.

Plants must be accessible to everyone. At least, that’s what we think! This is the reason why we started Plantforlife. Here you will find free articles, tips and green inspiration. All put together by an experienced team with a passion for plants and gardening. We have grown from one content creator to a full team of hobbyists. So that you, like us, can always continue to learn. After all, you can never know too much about nature!

We are plant lovers. Everything that is green and has leaves makes us happy!

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