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From a bunch of roses to a rose bush

Roses are far too beautiful to just throw them away. That’s why we have the solution! Propagate the roses and create a beautiful rose bush.

Did you get a nice bunch of roses, but do you think it’s a shame to throw them away? Or would you like to enjoy the beautiful forest even longer? You can!

You can easily cut roses and turn them into a full rose bush. The ideal way to enjoy roses for free!

Step-by-step plan propagating roses

Step 1: Cut the flower of the rose diagonally from the stem. Remove the leaves from the stem as well. The underside of the stem can also be cut off at an angle. You now have a stem of 15 to 25 centimetres.

Step 2: Cut off the ‘thorns’ of the stem. With the thorns we mean the spines of course. By cutting away the thorns you give the stem the possibility to let the roots grow here.

Step 3: Plant the stems, which you can now also call cuttings, in a flowerpot or bucket with cutting soil. A planter is also sufficient!

Make sure that most of the cuttings have settled under the ground.

Is it by chance spring? Then you could also place the cuttings directly in the garden. However, we do recommend that you first place the cuttings in cutting soil. This way you have a lot more control over the cuttings.

Care of the plant cutting

Place the flowerpot, bucket or planter in (semi) shade. Make sure that the cutting is not standing directly in the wind. It is best to place the cutting behind other plants, trees or flowers.

If you are going to cuttings in autumn or winter, it is best to place the cuttings in the barn or in another cold place in the house.

It is important to water the cutting a lot during the first few weeks. You do this so that the cutting will develop roots. Always keep the potting soil slightly moist. It is best to water a little bit twice a week.

Make sure you don’t give too much water. Is this really the case? Then the cutting may suffer from root rot, or drown in the water.

After about 6 weeks the first roots will have grown. So you need a lot of patience! After about a year of waiting, the cutting has turned into a real rose bush.

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