7 tips to use your terrace in winter

Terrace plants

As soon as it rains, you probably don’t think about sitting outside. Even though it can be wonderful: a breath of fresh air.

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The 12 best balcony plants

Balcony plants

Whether you have a sunny balcony or a spot in the shade. With plants, you can brighten up that small space!...

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Hardy winter plants for planters

Outdoor planters and flowerpots

From autumn onwards our gardens are often covered with leaves, and you mainly see empty branches. This could be different! How about plants...

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The best outdoor lounge sets

Outdoor furniture

You have a beautiful garden, but you don’t enjoy it! That’s why we have listed the 5 finest lounge sets.

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Our favourite hanging plants

Indoor flowerpots

Do you live in a small studio? Or are you just looking for a new challenge for your plants? Then the hanging plant is perfect! ...

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The positive effects of plants in the workplace

Office plants

More productivity, creativity and less stress? Office plants are not only fun for the interior, they also benefit your health....

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The autumn trend: an ecosystem

Home interior design

Seeing plants grow, but not doing anything at all for this. Does that sound perfect? Then read on!

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The hibernation of an indoor plant


From autumn onwards, plants start to hibernate. What can you do to make it plants as pleasant as possible?...

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Nurture nature: a child-friendly guide

Garden & Gardening

Teach your children about nature in a fun way and go gardening together....

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Help! Why does my conifer turn brown?

Garden & Gardening

Nothing is more frustrating than when the once beautiful conifer hedge suddenly has withered brown spots.

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