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Garden plants with a delicious scent

Think of your garden and the chances are high that you’ll remember what the garden looks like, instead of the scents you associate your garden with.

When you think about your garden, you probably imagine the plants and trees that are there. You probably never consciously experienced the smell. This can be different!

Some plants are beautiful, but don’t smell good. There are even plants that have no smell at all!

And yes, you certainly want several plants purely because you think they look beautiful. But if you look at the bigger picture, then scent is definitely underappreciated!

Start with paths and terraces

Most plants need heat or touch to emit scent. On a warm, sunny day, you can swim in the scents. But the rest of the time you should encourage plants to leave their scent behind.

If you are in doubt about some plants, choose the one that has the best scent.


To encourage scent, you can, for example, plant Thyme between the cracks in paving stones. In this way, the smell is released as soon as you walk over it. You can also plant Lavender and Rosemary next to the footpath. So that you can move your fingers along the plants as you walk along the path.

You can also make a whole lawn out of chamomile. Picnicking has never smelled so good!

Add edible plants

Speaking of food! Surround the garden with herbs and edible plants, such as the Curry plant (Helichrysum italicum). It smells like delicious spices! This way you can imagine yourself in no time in a tropical holiday resort.

Or try a herb with a calming effect! Think of mint or fennel.

Don’t forget about trees

In addition to plants and flowers, of course, trees cannot be lacking. Although the scents of a tree are different. Do you want to be able to smell the scent of a tree? Plant the tree on the side where most of the wind comes from.

Not only will the tree bloom faster, but the scent will also be carried away by the wind.

Trees we recommend are: Cedar, Juniper, Eucalyptus and Pine. These trees have a balmy and resinous smell.


Don’t just think about the months you’re sitting outside. Don’t forget the winter! A plant such as the Honeysuckle Lonicera fragrantissima or Witch Hazel (Hamamelis vernalis) can surprise you.

Since you do not sit outside in winter, it is best to place these plants in a place that you often pass by. Think of places near the driveway, barn or near a window.

The top three of Plantforlife

Our favourite plants for a fragrant garden are listed below!

1. Geranium ‘Rose oil’

You can probably guess what this plant smells like. Like roses! The trick is to smell the leaves, not the flowers. This plant is also often used in essential oils and in perfume.

2. Nicotiana sylvestris

Don’t let his name scare you! He is also called the tobacco plant. This summer-flowered plant gives off a musky scent in the evening, perfect for when you’re sitting outside on a warm sultry evening.

3. Rosa ‘Madame Alfred Carrière’

If you only plant one type of rose (and at least one rose is a must-have in a fragrant garden), opt for climbing roses. As soon as these climbing roses have grown against,for example, your house, you can enjoy the scent. As soon as you open your windows, you’ll be able to enjoy the smell of roses.

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